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Extraordinary pillow cases made from soft linen

Anyone who has ever been bedded on a velvet-like linen fabric, will be fascinated by the many advantages of this natural fabric forever. Instead of producing them from newly harvested flax our linen pillowcases are made from antique linen fabrics which impress through their special charm. We discover these precious treasures all over the world and process them carefully and with an unique love of detail. Linen fabrics develop some kind of unmistakable character, the older they get. They also become softer and more beautiful without losing any of their robustness. Optically a linen pillowcase transforms every pillow into an eye-catcher. The hand-woven fabric shines naturally and knows how to elate someone with its subtle anomalies.

Antique linen pillowcases possess a particular charm

But what is it that makes linen pillows so special? Because of their timeless design they can be used for every style of interior design seamlessly. The natural look of linen pillowcases can be seen in the fine details, especially if the pillowcases were made of antique linen fabric. The dense texture shows little irregularities but on the other hand it is very soft and has a pretty gloss. Therefore linen pillow cases look classy and naturally. The antique linen fabrics and grainsacks all our pillowcases are made of impress through their rural look, their natural colours or through herringbone patterns. When these linen fabrics are washed, they wrinkle in a unique and astonishing way. This way, the linen pillows look unbelievably comfortable and spread an unmatched feel-good atmosphere.

This is why linen pillowcases are unmatched in their comfort

Even though linen pillows are ideal for decoration purposes on beds and sofas, they are equally perfect for a short nap or deep, relaxing sleep. Linen pillowcases are known for their unbeatable comfort because of their softness and because they are permeable to air. Linen lets your skin breath like no other fabric. Thanks to the temperature regulating features of the fabric linen pillowcases are cooling in the summer and absorb sweat, while they keep you warm perfectly in the cold months. Furthermore linen is dirt-repellent, antibacterial, germicidal as well as antistatic. Even people with allergies can have a calm sleep this way. Linen will also stay smooth permanently, because no lint can form on its surface. This keeps the surfaces of linen pillowcases always perfectly velvety. Last but not least linen pillowcases amaze with their robustness and longevity. This wonderful fabric even becomes softer and prettier the more you wash it.

Our linen pillowcases are very sustainable

Because all our pillowcases are made of antique linen, they are more sustainable than pillowcases made of new linen. On top the cultivation of flax is very sustainable and resource-saving to begin with. The traditional cultivation of flax is done without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Furthermore the beautiful flax plants hardly needs any water for growth and only strains the soil to a tiny extent. Strictly speaking flax even give nutrients back to the soil to even improve the soil quality. Linen production comes up with hardly any waste as well. Well-fostered linen pillowcases last for a lifetime and even longer, but just in case, they would also be biodegradable, because they are made of natural fibre.

The benefits of linen pillowcases

  • Very long-lasting and robust
  • Easy to wash and care
  • Soft surface – gets softer with every washing cycle
  • Naturally-shiny and tense tissue
  • Breathable and temperature-regulative
  • Free from lint
  • Germicidal and antibacterial
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable production and resource-saving cultivation
  • Repels dirt and absorbs moisture
  • Timeless look that suits all styles
  • Ideal for people who suffer from allergies or neurodermatitis
  • Antique linen often possess beautiful patterns and stripes

Optimal care for linen pillowcases

One might think, that pillowcases made of a natural fabrics like linen need to be handled and maintained in a cautious way, especially in the case of fabrics who are older than one hundred years. Yet, the opposite is the case. Our antique linen pillowcases are as robust as they are beautiful and get softer after each washing cycle. Even the brine of the detergents cannot harm linen at all, even though they do harm most fabrics. For this very reason lovely linen pillowcases enjoy great popularity, wherever they are used and washed frequently or on a daily basis. Although most linen pillowcases can be washed at 95 degrees water temperature, some of them must be washed on a gentle machine wash cycle up to a maximum of 40 degrees. Therefore we noted appropriate instructions in the descriptions of all our linen pillowcases. Furthermore pillowcases made of linen can easily be ironed if the natural wrinkle-look of the fabric is not wanted. You can prevent strong wrinkling by just filling the washing drum up to fifty percent and by reducing the rotations per minute to 600. Beware of putting pillowcases made of linen into a dryer as they may shrink. Linen dries quickly in the fresh air, so there is no need to use a dryer anyway.

Buy carefully processed linen pillowcases at Grainsack

All the linen pillowcases in our online shop have a very special charm as they already outlasted a century at least. We produce them from linen fabrics we have found all around the world and process them with an eye for detail and diligence. We can also produce customised pillowcases from linen fabrics and grainsacks. Therefore you can use our individual sewing service which can be found at product level if available and tell us the required size. Afterwards we will produce your individual linen pillowcase, that will lighten up your home.