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Purchase of antique furniture – We bring the world right to the village

No one knows where a treasure does hide. Thus we keep our eyes and ears open all the time to look all around the world for antique furniture, that fascinates us. Attracted by the charm of these antiques we developed a special sense for the purchase of antique furniture. On our endless search we already discovered antique furnishing at the most uncommon places, but also at auctions, apartment liquidations or inheritances. Often these special items are hidden in attics, covered in dusty sheets and cobwebs or in the corner of a cellar, behind tons of clutter and lumber. In these cases, we are able to look behind the facades and to recognize the true value of the furniture. We also buy antique furniture from collectors of course, which are in marvellous condition, but most of the time it’s the non-restored furnishings  that catch our eye and heart through their unique character. As experts for the assessment of antiques and antique furniture we always pay fair prizes, that do justice to the value of the item. Sometimes it happens, that our gut feeling and experience defeat our passion and we have to walk away from a purchase and it also occurs that furniture we assess isn’t antique after all. After the purchase, we dedicate our time to the restoration of antique furniture, to make them shine with a new look. 

How do I know if furniture is antique? Learn the true value of your furniture

The most common question, that we hear before we buy antique furniture is: How do I recognize if furniture is antique? Well, this question is not an easy one to answer. Decades of experience, extensive research as well as knowledge of the characteristics of certain periods and of traditional handicraft techniques are necessary to either assess the value of antiques or to unmask replicas. Furthermore you develop some sort of instinct over time, which gives you an answer in a matter of seconds. A piece of antique furniture can clearly be referred to a certain epoch and mostly has been produced in small quantities or even as a customized one-off. Therefore it can be assigned to a certain carpentry or a certain master carpenter, who can be identified by his unique way to think and produce furniture. Of course an in-depth research is sometimes necessary to identify the period and the producer. Beyond that, there are certain handicraft techniques, forms and artworks that have only been used in certain epochs. All of this needs to be evaluated before a purchase of antique furniture can be done fairly. Thus a proven expert is needed to assess the true value of antique furniture and to determine a fair price. 

Antique furniture is in demand

Charm is something you do have or you don’t. It’s the same with furniture. Mass-produced goods directly from the assembly line do not attract true furniture lovers. They miss that certain something. They don’t have a soul. They miss the patina that can be felt by your fingertips, which turn antique furniture into something special. Because of these details and this charm, antique furniture is in demand more than ever. These rare treasures are precious and robust and even though the ravages of time left its traces on their surfaces, restorers can refurbish them with intuition, diligence, the necessary knowledge and tons of experience. It is important to us to preserve these treasures , so we are always on the lookout to buy antique furniture. 

We buy antique furniture and restore them

Antique furniture and antiques can hide in many different places. At apartment liquidations or inheritances people often find old furniture that has lost its glamour but might as well be some hundreds years old. So if you own old furniture and think about selling it, contact us without further commitment. Call us and we are happy to chat about your antique furniture or just send us some pictures. We gladly visit you at your home too, to take a look at your antiques in person. With our experience and knowledge we quickly can tell you if your furniture is antique and if we would be interested in buying it. If it really is antique, you will receive a fair prize, which does justice to the charm of the furniture. 

Do you fancy antique furniture?

Visit our showroom and be inspired by the vast amount of antique gems.