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Experience the art of antique furniture up close

Many treasures outlast centuries, just to be reborn in the middle of a small village. They arrive incomplete but in their own and very special way they are perfect too. Renovated with diligence and devotion. Their former grandeur has been restored and now they are impatiently waiting to start their new life. Our antique furniture wants to be used, admired and touched. In our court in Tilmitsch we set the stage for these treasures of bygone epochs. On 3.200 square metres renovated and yet to be renovated antique furniture enjoy the limelight. Baroque furniture, Biedermeier furniture, rustic furniture – all of these antiques can unleash their unmistakable charm in our display rooms. While walking through our exhibition spaces or our court, the air seems to crackle from fascination and historical importance. Time seems to stand still and one may ask himself what has the wood of the furniture witnessed, how far has it travelled and where does all the notches and scratches come from, which turn its patina into something unique. The motifs and ornaments of the antique furniture are fascinating and before you know, hours have passed and you recognize that all you feel is peace. That you have reached your destination without knowing that you were on a journey. This peculiar feeling cannot be described with words. Hence, we invite furniture-lovers to Tilmitsch so they can experience the art of antique furniture first hand. 

A display room, that stimulates your imagination

Our most beloved furniture are displayed with an eye for detail in a separate room. Whenever furniture-lovers from all over the world walk through exhibition spaces, they talk about all the inspiration they got from the carefully composed ensembles of antique exhibits, decorative items and linen products afterwards. We know, that thoughtful interior design is an art itself, which allows antique furniture to express its full splendour. We mastered this art to perfection and created a place, so appealing, that no one could escape its fascination. Not until you touch the wood, that has been processed hundreds of years ago and that has been reborn, with your own fingers to feel its unique patina, you will see the true nature of the furniture. 

A court full of treasures

Behind our display room, there is a court full of unique treasures. There are shaped stones everywhere, eternal and yet full of details. One can love many things and not necessarily one more than the other, so our love is not just for antique furniture, but also for their brothers and sisters, who remain rigid in the fresh air. We are talking about antique busts, sculptures, pillars, troughs, vases, wells, tubs, tables and benches made of stone and gates made of steel. They are freed from the moss and dirt of bygone centuries and are waiting to relax in a beautiful garden. 

A storage full of unpolished diamonds

At the very back, in an old barn, our visitors will find our beloved projects for the future. Dusty commodes, cabinets, tables as well as chairs, that patiently wait in line. But good handcraft takes time. They don’t care to wait a few years more, when they have already waited for centuries. In our storage countless furniture can be found, who wait for their rendezvous with our restaurateurs. Undiscovered treasures are hidden in our barn and we bring them to light day by day to free them from cobwebs and the exertions of past days. Soon they will shine like diamonds.  

Do you fancy antique furniture?

Visit our showroom and be inspired by the vast amount of antique gems.