RP 851: antique hemp linen BLUEBERRY BLUE , 9.18 yards, handloomed ,benchcushion, Beachhouse look, upholserty project, vintage, decor



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This offer is for this lovely and wonderful ANTIQUE handwoven and handloomed hemp linen roll, these fabrics were made around in 1900-1909

This amazing roll measures 9.18yards by 21.65 inches
this fabolous roll measures 8,4 meter by 55 cm

This fabolous , absolutly wonderful linen roll has a wonderful dense and close weave with an amazing more medium weigth - quite SLUBBY and CHUNKY looking texture, this handmade linen is extremly durable, with its medium weight it looks so absolutly original and authentic,.

It has such amazing and sooo beautiful BLUEBERRY BLUE colored stripes, it looks so relaxed and charming - the linen itself has a NATURAL color, it would make the most amazing upholstering projects, it would be FANTASTIC for a beach house, or a skandinavian styled room

This fantastic roll is in a lovely condition, with some ligth storage dust which will easy wash.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a small stain, which could be chemically treaten, you can see it at the last picture!!!

This would be a wonderful choice for an amazing upholstering project too, or for a wonderful dressed table, you could create a runner, covers for the chair and place setting, towels - all in the same fabric...

With such antique linen you could create so loveley and
personal gifts for your friends and yourself, you can even
embroider it with monogramms.

All are wonderful pieces of textil folk art, all linen and grain sacks are 100% biological and organic, completely free from chemical substances

Antique linen and grain sacksgives so much warmth to each room, and makes so homely

You can take it for clothing, bedding, bags, curtains, napkins, pillows, slipcovers, tableclothes...
Such wonderful hemp linen is also perfect for making fantastic towels, mats and rugs, it is so durable -
- its loveley to work with - with a little bit of phantasy
you can create so wonderful things!!!

You can wash such antique fabric with 60 degree, and it will not shrink, I add ever some softener, so the ironing becomes easier.

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me, I am looking forward for helping you.
Kindest regards
Yours Christina

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Cleaning & Care

Our lines are easy to care, but please notice our washing instructions.


– Wash bright colors at 60° degrees max.

– Wash dark colors at 40° degrees max.

– Don’t dry vour linen in the sun, to avoid getting stiff.

– Suitable for dryer for more softness.

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