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This antique mouth-blown insect catcher glass is in unique condition and perfect for use at the garden table.

This so decorative and beautiful antique Austrian INSECT CATCHER GLASS has a high of 5.90 inches / 15 cm, it is 5.11 inches / 13 cm in diameter at the bottom. It is perfect for your garden table to catch wasps with sugar solution acidified with vinegar and fruit flies with vinegar solution. Just fill the glass with the solution and seal it at the top with a cork. Finally you release the insects by removing the cork. 

It has such a gorgeous CLEAR GREENISH COLOR, and the glass itself is very fine and thin, it feels like soft water --- all these antique jars are masterly mouthblown, what an amazing idea for decoration.

Please note: Please wash these stunning antique GLASS only with your hand, the water should be not too hot, and if you got some lime stains by the time, please use simple kitchen vinegar to clean them carefully!!!! THEY ARE NOT SUITABLE for the dishwasher!!!!

Thank you so much for your interest.

Your Christina

For your information: This offer is only for the glass, without the decoration!

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